Visa Requirements

Australia welcomes visa applications from all passport holders. Other than New Zealand passport holders, all visitors to Australia need a valid visa. There are three types of visas available, all with simple online application processes.

The Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) for Australian Tourist Visas is the most advanced and streamlined visa authorisation system in the world. The ETA replaces visa labels or stamps and removes the need for application forms. The average processing time for an ETA is one day.

Check the Department of Home Affairs for the most recent travel information.

Visa Assistance

The Australian Government’s International Event Coordinator Network (IECN) provides free advice on visas to event organisers. The IECN can also provide the following services as required:

  • Updates on the progress of visa applications
  • Confirmation of the lodgement of visa applications by event participants
  • Liaison with Australian visa offices overseas to resolve issues arising in the visa application process


Australia’s Customs and Border Protection Service’s streamlined system for all UK, US and New Zealand citizens allows delegates to self-process through passport control.

Tourist Refund Scheme

This scheme allows delegates to claim a 10 per cent refund on Australia’s Goods and Services Tax (GST) on any goods over AU$300 purchased in one store on one receipt.